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Krepeliendjes (Buttons)
Caramel Sticks
Muntendrop (Coins)
Salmiak Rocks
Katjes (Cats)
Our Top Five Best Sellers (Most popular) 200g bags
Soft, small dome-shaped drop liquorice with a strong but sweet liquorice flavor. A perfect treat if you like genuine old-fashioned liquorice.
Krepeliendjes (Buttons)
Muntendrops are firm, sweet & salty coins with a strong traditional liquorice taste. Also known as Muntdrops or Money Liquorice.
Muntendrop (Coins)
A firm favorite among the Dutch, these Limburgse Katjes (Cats) are firm, sweet, and possess a strong liquorice flavor.
Katjes (Cats)
One of our most popular varieties, a delicious liquorice centre covered in Creamy Caramel
Caramel Sticks
A very popular liquorice with a fondant salty sweet centre. Has been known as a salty liquorice for beginner’s.
Salmiak Rocks
For Orders over 4 bags, we use a Courier. Please provide an alternative place where the parcel may be left in case you are not at home. Thank you.
Great value at only £2.00 per 200g bag.

Liquorice Heaven


Buy 6 200g Bags get 1 Bag FREE

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Offer does not apply to Jumbo Bag (600g)

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