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Salty Liquorice (200g Bags) Unless stated
“Little buttons” A very popular liquorice in Holland, mild salty flavour. To describe it as a box standard salty liquorice would be unfair.
A liquorice with a mild salty taste. Don’t be fooled by it’s colour.
Double Salt (Known in Holland as Dubbel Zout Rond)
A very salty liquorice, not for the feint hearted; try it at your peril.

Don’t be fooled by the name this is a soft liquorice. A very popular liquorice with a fondant salty sweet centre. Has been known as a salty liquorice for beginner’s. One of our most popular varieties.

Farm Liquorice (Known in Holland as Boerderij)
A strong and hard liquorice with a mild salty taste.

A salty liquorice; soft by Dutch standards.

Knoopjes (Little Buttons)
Dubbel Zout Rond (Double Salt)
Salmiak Rocks
Boerderij (Farm Liquorice)
For Orders over 4 bags, we use a Courier. Please provide an alternative place where the parcel may be left in case you are not at home. Thank you.
Salty Bears
Salty Stars
A deliciously soft and mildly salty liquorice Bear.
If you like salty liquorice you will love the Stars. Their salty flavour just fizzes on the tongue.
Great value at only £2.00 per 200g bag.

Liquorice Heaven


Buy 6 200g Bags get 1 Bag FREE

Buy 12 200g Bags get 2 Bags FREE

Offer does not apply to Jumbo Bag (675g)

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